Hearing Testing

Becker Hearing Center offers comprehensive hearing screening for school age children and adults. 

Hearing Evaluation

Your hearing will be thoroughly tested with state of the art equipment in a sound treated booth. We will monitor how well you hear tones and understand speech.


The results of your hearing evaluation will be explained to you in detail. If you have hearing loss which can be helped with the use of a hearing aid, we will make our recommendation with explanation of the choices so that you can make the best decision for your lifestyle. Once chosen, we will take measurements or make impressions for a custom device.

Device Coaching

At Becker Hearing Center we will guide you through the daily use and care of your device to achieve the best results and success with your new hearing aid. Thus begins your risk-free 30 day trial period.

No Cost Follow Up

Check ups will be scheduled frequently to make adjustments and modifications as necessary for optimal comfort and successful use of the device. We will check and clean your hearing aid every time and there is no charge for these visits.

Further Testing

Your hearing levels will be monitored. If there is a change in your hearing it may be necessary to re-test your hearing and reprogram your hearing aid. There is no charge for these visits.

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